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Many businesses nowadays are more than likely to have a website. In fact, it will be hard to find businesses without one. But while websites are well and good and extremely useful, why is it that not many businesses have mobile applications? Just like websites were created to cater to the mass majority that owned personal computers and laptops, now the mass majority holds a smartphone in its hands, so why shouldn’t businesses have mobile applications? The only reason behind this is that businesses overlook the potential a mobile application holds. They deem it useless and a waste of energy and resources, when the fact is, mobile apps can help businesses. Below are the primary reasons why:

Promotion & potential Customers

With a mobile app, you are, in a way, connecting to potential customers sitting literally in the palm of their hand. Mobile applications are a great way to offer something to customers without it making a dent in your business, such as coupons. Mobile apps allow businesses to interact with customers, in their location, making it an attractive point for the user.

Mobile applications allow businesses to engage with consumers by ways that can really turn…





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