What is a Social Wall?

A Social Wall or Social Media Wall refers to a digital wall created by grabbing and aggregating posts and tweets from the most popular and common social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest) and displaying them all on one social wall. This cool tech uses software to select, display, and aggregate social media posts for a particular brand in a cool and fun way on any digital medium to create a digital buzz. At Advertise Me, we provide our clients with well-designed and customised Digital Signage and Social Wall technology for effective digital marketing. Our clients can display their brand content from their social media feeds during events and are able to enjoy an exponential audience reach.

Using Social Walls with Digital Signage

Social Wall is a custom-built digital social media tool that works effectively when integrated with digital signage software. It is perfect for events and can be used on any digital signageREAD MORE


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