Digital Interaction - touchscreen xbox kinect leapmotion2Printed billboards and signages are things of the past. The best way to promote your business, company, events, and products nowadays is through the use of Digital Signage Interaction Technologies. This is different from the static digital signages that were first introduced in public and private places. This new technology has an interactive feature, which allows people to interact with the display through various means, like by using mobile phones, Bluetooth, or by touching the screen, thereby making them more useful and effective.

Since technology seem to come up with something new every day, it is not surprising that there are different forms of Digital Signage Interaction Technologies available now. Read on to know some of them and learn how they differ from each other.

Touch Screens

Most of you are already familiar with this. You can see interactive digital signages in malls that let you navigate through the images by touching the screen. One example is the information screen (wayfinding), which shows you where certain stores are located. It also helps you find your way inside a…





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