Advertise Me has been managing simple digital signage networks to complex networks that span across multiple states. We have worked with hospitals, universities and large corporate organisations to ensure their digital signage system is always operational. In today’s business world, managing a digital signage network is essential for companies that want to stay ahead of the competition. A failure with the digital signage network could lead to loss of sales and miscommunication. By implementing a robust digital signage system, businesses can easily and quickly update their signage without having to worry about all the technical aspects that come with a digital signage network.

A typical digital signage network will consist of the following:

  • servers – we use various VPS which are hosted within Australia including AWS
  • digital signage software – we are using our AdvertiseMe.TV platform which is a cloud-based SaaS tool
  • network equipment – firewalls to prevent unauthorised access to the digital signage network. We have set up site-to-site VPN for some of our clients whilst others directly connect to the digital signage servers we host on the cloud. Network routers and switches to transport the digital content
  • digital signage hardware – these are digital screens, digital signage players, wayfinding kiosks,…





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