Advertise Me Projector Sliding Door Project

The University of New South Wales (South Western Sydney Clinical School – Faculty of Medicine) knows how to think outside the square and use their front sliding door to grab attention. Advertise Me was involved with the installation of a unique Projector Solution for a Glass Sliding Door at the front of their main entrance in Liverpool Hospital.

The requirements

  • Create the WOW factor
  • Create additional marketing opportunities
  • Project images, video, text on a sliding glass door to communicate important information to students and staff
  • Turn off the projector when the door opens and turn on the projector when the door fully closes.
  • Complement static signage with the projector solution

The solution

Our solution was like no other. We had to cleverly design a solution to not only project content on a glass sliding door but also stop content from being displayed when the door opens. The glass sliding door opens based on a swipe access and a sensor system. The most challenging part of this solution was to figure out how to turn off the projector…





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