Advertise Me recently integrated Sherwood Public School’s digital signage system with Sentral.

What is Sentral?

Sentral is an industry leading software platform to manage student and administration data for Kindergarten to Year 12 schools. It has been installed in over 1200 schools across Australia and is expanding both nationally and internationally. It features an easy to use web interface so administration staff and teachers can manage student enrolment data, timetable information, student attendance, communication with parents and the list goes on. It is a comprehensive system and was built from the ground up in consultation with teachers, principals and other schools.

The opportunity

Sherwood originally requested to display the School’s upcoming events on a section of the digital screen that was located in the reception area. The plan was to manually add and delete event information on the digital signage system on a daily or weekly basis. Advertise Me saw this as a tedious task so we asked the question, “Does…





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