Back in the old days – actually just a few years ago, installing Plasma and LCD screens were a nightmare…especially the 50″ or larger screens that weighed over  30 kgs. You needed two strong installers to carry and mount the screen on a bracket.

Things have changed now with the introduction of LED screens. They are half the weight and are not as deep as the Plasma or the LCD screens. This makes is easy to install but more importantly, they are perfect for making the screens look like digital posters. In this post we’ll show you how we came up with our own innovative solution to make a digital signage screen look like a poster driven by an an Intel I3/I5 digital signage player. Here’s a picture of the result:

digital signage posters 2

digital signage posters 1

So what did we do?

To make the LED screen look like a poster in a lightbox, you’ll need to have it flushed as close to the wall as possible. The limitation…





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